Rincon means 'corner' in Spanish and is situated at the western edge of Puerto Rico; but was named for a Spanish landowner from the 1600's. The town is known for its sunsets over the Caribbean Sea, as- 'El Pueblo de los Bellos Atardeceres' or 'The town of Beautiful Sunsets'. Rincon is well known for surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and its friendly & small town atmosphere. It is frequented by visitors year round from all over the world, and locals alike. The beach is a short walk down the street in front of the house to the west, to the 90 degree turn in the street that runs parallel to the beach. Here you will find Sunset Village, a modern Festival Market located on this main town beach of Rincon. It includes beachfront shops, a seafood restaurant with an outdoor bar, park benches, a water sports & beach rentals. Take a one minute or less drive up the street in the opposite direction and hang a left on Route 413, 'the road to happiness.' Traveling north on 413, to the first left five minutes away, is the 'Black Eagle Marina' with 'Taino Divers', "Shipwreck" and "Copa Llena" restaurants" and bars. 'The Tres Palma Marine Reserve' begins to the north of this area with excellent snorkeling. Keep driving further to the world class surfing beaches in the Puntas area. Further along route 413 you will find the "Calypso Café" and popular “watering hole." During the winter months, you can find great surf - waves can sometimes grow to 20-feet and break in open water for seasoned experienced surfers only. Surfing lessons can be had for a nominal fee for beginners in calmer wave areas.

If you hang a right on 413 from the Hacienda Del Carmen, you can walk into the center of Rincon and find the town square with the Santa Rosa Church, cafes, grocery market, shops, pubs, and more. If you wander up a side street across 413 to the east, and start climbing up the hill sides you are likely to discover views of the Caribbean Sea and Desecheo Island.

A relatively new attraction in Rincon is the Rincon Trolley, with routes to grocery stores Steps beach etc. The rubber wheeled Trolley stops in the Sunset Festival shopping center, a 3 minute or less walk from Hacienda Del Carmen. Schedules and stops are found in local businesses; and it’s free.

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